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Parcel Boxes and Parcel Lockers

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Investing in parcel lockers is a smart and secure way to streamline deliveries and minimize shipping issues.

Rather than having to make multiple delivery attempts, mailers can leave large packages in a parcel locker and let the recipient collect them later. The result: tons of time saved, hassles avoided, and more peace of mind.

Parcel Lockers are a great solution for businesses that ship out large packages and can’t fit them into regular mailboxes or PO boxes. They’re also a convenient option for individuals who have limited access to their homes or businesses and don’t want to deal with the hassle of making trips to the post office.

A parcel box is a storage box that a mail carrier or employee leaves for residents to collect later. These lockers can be incorporated into cluster mailboxes or installed as standalone units.

The first thing to do is check your mailbox for a key that matches the nearby parcel locker. If it does, you can use this key to retrieve your package.

If you live in an apartment building or new neighborhood, it’s a good idea to ask your janitor or maintenance workers for a target. They often have more knowledge of the area than anyone else, and they might be able to tell you which parcel locker your delivery has been placed in.

A parcel delivery box is an ideal way to keep your mail and packages secure and safe at home. It has a flexible slot that makes it easy for couriers to drop off their deliveries and a lockable front retrieval door for convenience.

It can be installed freestanding or bolted to your wall, making it very convenient for you and your family members. It's also weather-resistant so you can have peace of mind that your mail and packages are protected against the elements.

If you’re fed up with'sorry we missed you' cards and annoying re-deliveries, then a parcel delivery box is the perfect solution for your property. It's weather-resistant, anti-phishing and easy to use for the owner and the delivery driver – it’s the top-rated parcel delivery box on the market, with excellent customer reviews.

Parcel delivery boxes come in different shapes, styles and colours to suit your property. We offer a range of sizes, including extra-large and large, in a variety of styles from curved to slanted.

Whether you’re an online shopper or just have a lot of packages delivered to your home, parcel drop boxes can solve many problems. From package theft and rain damage to porch pirates, these specialized mailboxes help prevent unwanted issues from occurring.

This USPS approved parcel drop box provides a secure, safe place for your mail and packages. It features a pry-resistant rear door, and can be ordered with an optional front access door for easy mail pickup.

The parcel drop box is also available in a variety of colors. The durable powder coat finish protects the unit from rust and wear.

Some of these lockers are made to be used by UPS, FedEx, and the USPS. They are also common in convenience stores, grocery stores, and apartment buildings.

A combination of smart technology and security features make this a great option for those who want to be able to see what deliveries are coming to their home, as well as track them. It comes with a camera and a microphone, as well as an app to track packages and other information.

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