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Protect Your Deliveries With a Parcel Delivery Box

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Protect your deliveries from porch pirates and prying eyes with this large locking parcel drop box. Couriers place packages through the swing-open hatch in front, where they slide securely into the compartment below.

This freestanding parcel delivery box can be bolted directly into the floor or fit to a traditional post firmly planted in a wall or fence. Its textured powder coated finish blends seamlessly with various architectural styles.


Every day, people receive deliveries left on their doorstep. This can cause worries that they will get stolen or ruined, and it can also be inconvenient when the courier needs to return to collect the item. There are solutions to these problems, but the easiest and most cost-effective is to get a parcel delivery box for your home or workplace.

Couriers simply drop items into the base of the parcel box and they will remain securely locked until you are able to collect them. This eliminates the need for a courier to leave items on your front door, a path or in a garden and helps you to reclaim your time by eliminating the need to wait at home for deliveries or go out and visit local parcel depots.

The incoming mail slot is protected with an anti-vandal cantilevered bay floor, and the parcel box comes with a lock to ensure deliveries are safe and secure. The design of the parcel box is versatile too, with both front and rear access doors to allow it to be fitted within a wall or even a boundary fence (ideal for gated residences).


Rather than a letterbox, these smart parcel drop box has been designed to be built into the wall of your gate or fence. This means that your delivery couriers can simply drop your parcels into the box without having to walk up on your lawn, trampling your flowers or risking the Covid-19 virus by grabbing it from you and taking it back to their van.

A top quality lock keeps your contents safe and secure, and a front and rear access point makes it easy to retrieve parcels whenever you’re home. It’s an eco-friendly option that increases first attempt deliveries and stops those pesky ‘Sorry we missed you’ cards. Especially useful for those living in gated communities or who aren’t at home during the daytime.

Easy Access

One of the best features of our parcel delivery boxes is that they keep deliveries off your doorstep and away from porch pirates. Couriers can drop parcels into the rear access door and secure them within the locked base compartment for collection at a time that suits you.

A front access hatch is also available for easy parcel retrieval, if needed. This allows the parcel box to be placed at the end of a path, against a wall or even built into a fence or boundary wall for gated homes.

The PBX2 can be used with most major home delivery companies. Unlike smart mailboxes, there is no need for Bluetooth or wireless technology – it is simply a traditional letterbox with a top-of-the-range lock that couriers can use without instruction. Its transitional design blends with most home styles and the weather resistant powder coat keeps contents protected from the elements. It is a great alternative to porch deliveries, increasing the rate of first attempt deliveries and reducing the need for couriers to return to your home with a ‘sorry we missed you’ card.


This parcel delivery box has been built with durability in mind and is made from heavy-gauge galvanized steel. It comes with a locking incoming mail slot, front door for parcel retrieval and can be bolted to the ground or fitted in between a traditional post and your property fence or wall.

It can also be fitted with a rear door, so it can be fitted into a wall of your property for easy access and is ideal for those who live in gated communities or apartments where couriers cannot come to your home. With its spacious interior, it can easily accommodate large parcels and mail.

So, say goodbye to lost deliveries, stolen items or having to wait in all day and instead reclaim your time by getting this smart addition installed and enjoy all the benefits that it brings. It is simple to use for both you and the courier, doesn’t need any new technology like Bluetooth or code numbers and can be used by anyone who receives deliveries.

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