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What Is a Parcel Box?

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A parcel box is a secure storage solution for packages that can’t fit into mailboxes or PO boxes. It’s often attached to cluster mailboxes or installed by property managers, apartment complexes, grocery stores, and retailers who want to make delivery more efficient.

A USPS-approved parcel locker is an outdoor storage unit that fits alongside or under cluster mailboxes. These units are designed to accommodate large items that would be too large for small tenant compartments in the mailboxes. These units feature pry-resistant doors and a weatherproof finish.

If you use a parcel locker, you can leave your package there for a set period of time. Generally, you can keep your package in the locker for anywhere from a week to ten days.

Besides the convenience of being able to leave your package for a certain amount of time, parcel lockers also help avoid unsavory weather and theft. Many parcel locker services offer CCTV surveillance, which will protect your shipment and keep it from unauthorized access.

There are a few different ways to open a parcel locker. You can either reach inside your mailbox to find a key that opens the parcel locker, or you can pick it up at a post office.

Getting a parcel delivered is easy, and it can be done at any time of the day or night. Having the ability to do it from the comfort of your home or office will save you a lot of time, money, and stress.

Parcel delivery box is a modern alternative to traditional home letterboxes or PO boxes, giving you the freedom to receive deliveries without the hassle of a'sorry we missed you' card. It's easy to install and eco-friendly too!

Packages are becoming more and more common in the US, with 10% of Americans receiving one or more packages each day. While porch pirates have long been a problem, they've risen in prominence in recent years as a result of this uptick.

Unlike mailboxes, which are traditionally mounted to the front of a house, parcel delivery boxes are bolted directly to your property and can be weighed down with sand or weights for extra protection against theft. They can also be remotely monitored by an app on your smartphone so you can unlock them when a courier comes by.

Some models are standalone, while others are built-in to the walls of a gate or fence. The stand-alone design works best for homes where a doorway isn't easily accessible to a courier, but the built-in design is perfect for gated properties where the parcel delivery box can be fitted into a wall and can be accessed when needed.

Depending on the model you choose, your parcel delivery box can be made from a number of materials. The best option is one that's made from solid aluminium and stainless steel, which will deter thieves and prevent unauthorized access to your home.

With more packages coming into homes than ever before, many people are looking for a way to get their deliveries out of sight. That's where parcel drop boxes come in.

The most popular solution is a freestanding outdoor parcel delivery box, which can be installed at the curbside or against the building. These boxes feature watertight seals that keep out the elements, and keyed-access allows only the owner to retrieve their mail and packages.

Some parcel drop boxes are also smart, and include a security system that keeps the contents of the box secure even when the delivery person leaves it behind.

What's more, some package delivery boxes come with a lock that makes it difficult for delivery professionals to break into them. They also allow owners to use a onetime code to open them up and retrieve their items.

Whether you're looking for a lockable mailbox or an extra large parcel drop box, there are options available to fit any budget and your needs. Some boxes are simple to install, while others require additional installation steps.

A good parcel drop box should be made of high-quality materials and include a locking mechanism that can withstand harsh weather conditions. It should also include a front retrieval door, so you can retrieve your items quickly and easily when you arrive at home.

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